Your experience with our site is valuable to us so we made this a super simple and quick process. Having a pet is already a time consuming job so we wanted to ensure that this won't take long!


How it works



  • Pick your favorite hero that you'd like your pet to go on
  • Upload a photo of your pet by using the "Upload Image" button on the product page. Ensure the photo meets our Photo Guidelines (See below).
  • Click on "Add To Cart" and place your order.


  • We have a team of designers that will create a personalized pet portrait fitting your superhero of choice
  • Using the latest technology and design methods, we will edit the photo by adjusting the sizing, color grading, blending, and final re-touching to produce the final print ready file. Everything is made digitally, we don't paint or draw from scratch.
  • A full quality check will take place once the design is ready to ensure that the image quality of your personalized pet portrait looks absolutely perfect.


  • We'll print your chosen superhero on a beautiful canvas
  • Once the last quality check is done, we'll carefully wrap it up in a protective package and ship it right to your home
  • As soon as the shipping company updates the order status, a tracking number will be provided for your order



  • Based on the superhero you selected, imagine how you'd like your pet to appear on it. Ideally your pet will look directly into the camera.
  • When you take a photo of your pet, make sure you're on an eye level
  • Try to take a clear, close up photo so all the unique features are showing in a higher quality
  • Consider the areas lighting, shadows, bright sunlight, etc. Daylight will always result in the best image
  • If the photo is blurry, retake it. Otherwise it will not look great when printed.
  • Ensure your pet's ears are in the frame.
  • Advanced: if possible, take a 4k photo as it will really show high definition


Please note: 

The photo you upload is what will be used on the portrait creation. Please ensure that the angle of your pet is fitting well with the portrait you've selected. It's best to consider the fur color, lighting, and facial expression to get the perfect printed result.

We do our best to follow the notes you leave in the order details but we cannot guarantee they can all be achieved. For example, we can fix up red eyes but we cannot open the eyes if they are closed. Or if the mouth is closed and you want it open. It's best to retake the photo to get a better result!

If you upload a photo that isn't fitting our photo guidelines, although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee the final result will be exactly how you wanted it. We do not offer replacements so it's recommended that you focus on taking the best photo possible.

Please keep in mind that the examples you see on the site were all made from high quality photos. Our photo guidelines are there for your convenience so it's your responsibility to go over them and make sure they are met. If the uploaded photo doesn't fit the requirements, we will still do our best but generally it's not going to result to something similar as we have on the site.

We do review all orders and uploaded photos, but due to higher order volume, we might be skipping the photo review stage to ensure we don't fall behind schedule. We encourage and recommend you review your uploaded photo for this reason to ensure high quality end product!